Is love at first sniff a thing? With Gain Dish Soap it, is.


The longing, the desire, the sniffing. Those who love Gain can never get enough of it. They’d wear the scent as a perfume or cologne if they could. It’s almost an obsession, bordering on a fetish. It doesn’t always make sense—but love for Gain doesn’t have to make sense. Because there’s true love. And then there’s Gain love. You know it when you smell it.


Our biggest challenge has been figuring out how to stand out in the dish category and give people a reason to care about one of the most hated chores ever. We needed to leverage the beloved Gain equity in a smart way, but also in a way that didn’t confuse our ads for Gain detergent ads. With so many people familiar with Gain as a product for the laundry, we wanted to make sure they understood this was for doing the dishes.


So we made doing the dishes the sexiest chore ever, by illustrating people’s obscene obsession with the smell of Gain Dish Soap and showing how people just can’t seem to keep their hands off it. Using custom artwork and illustrations in the style of steamy romance novels, we were able to give people another look at how the dishes could be done, and how passionate people are for the smell of Gain Dish Soap.


We didn’t stop at social. We also created ads for Internet radio that played in between the most popular songs and playlists today. These spots took their inspiration from popular telenovelas and soap operas while showing just how far people will go to get a whiff of the scent of Gain–including fighting over who gets to do the dishes tonight.


Gain Dish Soap believes that doing the dishes is a chore for everyone, especially couples looking for a way to connect through a shared and romantic experience. With the introduction of our new campaign, we were able to highlight people’s obsession over the smell of Gain, while showing them how to make the most hated household chore something they can fantasize about.