Unstopables takes you on a 360-degree imaginary tour while overloading the senses, in the freshest ad ever smelled.

How do you communicate not just scent, but long-lasting scent, through video? There’s no scratch-n-sniff option on YouTube and no spritz of smell coming from Alexa...yet. Lacking options in the olfactory department, we recruited an expert in conveying an array of emotions. Follow us as we take you through the imaginary world of Unstopables freshness, starring Tituss Burgess. (For the best experience, we recommend viewing the 360-video on your mobile device.)


Introducing the Imaginary World of Freshness

To help launch Unstopables In-Wash Scent Boosters, "The Imaginary World of Freshness" was created as a fully immersive, scent-inspired journey, overloading the senses with stunning visuals, captivating sounds, and enticing textures. This first-ever 360-degree film for Procter and Gamble helps consumers see what the products smell like, while leveraging the feisty fresh tone of the larger campaign to help drive awareness. With Tituss Burgess as the tour guide, the journey becomes as feisty and as fresh as the products themselves.


Scentspirational content brought to life outside the film

To promote this scent-inspired journey, we created scratch-n-sniff cardboard goggles for influencer and customer teams to experience the long-lasting freshness and fragrance of the In-Wash Scent Booster product. The custom cardboard helped to view, and smell, the video in a way that is native to the 360-degree environment, while also involving the viewer's nose to help complement the film.


But we didn't stop there...

A series of short cinemagraphs, films, and static images were also created to help consumers experience our product in a way never seen, or smelled, before. Leveraging platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, we created unique and memorable content that was designed specifically to scale across devices and regions with our unique message. In short, we created our own brand of scentspirational experiencesfrom on-screen to off.